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From the Fullerton, CA library…


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  • Learning Chocolate
    This web site aims to help students to memorize vocabulary in an easy and efficient way, by using pictures, sounds and games with dozens of categories such animals, body, fruit, numbers, tools, etc / Rich site!.





  • Boston College Abroad Information
    For those with U.S. teacher certification and some teaching experience, abundant opportunities exist to teach in K-12 schools in foreign countries.




  • Babylon English Dictionary
    Become a true multilingual speaker by using our online English translator. Translate English words and phrases into many languages with one simple search. Nota Bene: CHECK THIS ONE OUT.



  • Readable Blog
    A blog of (mostly free) resources for English language learners

    ==>Test Your English Abilities Here
    GRE Review

    A great place to check your knowledge to date in building your English skills


  • GRE Vocabulary Review
    Here you can listen and memorize over 7500 GRE words, which have appeared in the previous ETS GRE exams

    Test Your Level of English Here
    40 short multiple choice questions
    We suggest you take 20 minutes to complete the quiz
    This test is a good one to find out how much English you know




  • Exam English/Powerful Site!
    This web site is for people studying for an English language exam. These pages contain free online practice tests for the most important ESL/EFL exams





















  •  Teach English Abroad Course in England
    The courses are perfect for University Graduates, wanting to travel world wide and earn money on the way, planning a gap year or looking for a career in teaching.


































































  •  Teaching Jobs Abroad
    Teach Away offers a wide variety of international teaching jobs for licensed teachers, college lecturers, and ESL instructors.













































SUPER TRANSLATOR SITES FOR YOU TO CONSIDER English to Another Language or Another Language to English

Special Features
Applied Language Translator

 Reverso Translator
Free online translation service with Reverso translation solutions

 Line by Line Language Translator
As much as I like the one above…you must see this one as it is really fast
and translates as you type…wow!

Google Translations Services
Good translations in a variety of languages
A new Google Translation Help Service
What’s new in Google Translate?
Translate text, webpages and documents
Here’s another Google very nice translator
BING translator from Microsoft
Well done and for several languages
Bubbles translator site
Free online translations/Weird name but a good site

 Online Free Translations for 100+ Language Pairs
This is worth taking a look at folks!

 Free Online English Lessons
Learn English online with LANGMaster!
 Translate a website into another language
Input the URL and choose the destination langua

    Babylon English Translations
New and powerful/words, sentences, full texts.


 Babel Fish An Online Translator

 From Language to Language
18 different languages available

 Free Translation Online

 Babelfish/Alta Vista
A Yahoo Translator

 World Lingo
On Line Translator

Google Script Converter
Convert from one alphabet to another


The Private Language School

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