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Hi there! Thanks for dropping by. At Language for Life we specialize in Language Training. We can help you learn to speak English if it’s not your first language and also Spanish. This year we aim to add French and Portuguese. We are based in the south west of Spain.

Even our name says it all. Language is for life and communication is an integral part of every day life. Traditional methods like Grammar- Translation have been long since discredited by current language learning experts. We use a careful blend of methods adapted personally to each learner. We have found during the last twenty years that learning to speak and understand a language will enable a student to pass any level that can be examined. We use multimedia, internet, traditional text books and other tools but really all that is needed is a teacher. We have those sort of teachers who can teach without any aids whatsoever but also know how to use them. You’ll find only degree trained teachers or TESOL / TEFL qualified instructors with A+ pass rates at Language for Life.

We have a 75% pass rate and have trained and presented candidates for all levels and exams such as; KET, PET, FIRST, ADVANCED, PROFICIENCY, TOEFL, TOEIC, Trinity and of course all the official spanish language school exams and high school end of year exams.

Language is our passion and we look forward to working with you. Please do join the blog membership and leave a comment in your own language. Shalom!


Peter Hunt


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